Trailer Tracking at Transport Wouters

Trailer & asset tracking system Suivo assures Transport Wouters on-time deliveries.

How to assure and monitor the quality of on-time deliveries? A question that Transport Wouters always tries to optimize to improve their performance and customer service.


Transport Wouters is a leading container trucking company in the Port of Antwerp, supporting the complete range of logistic services, warehousing and supply chain management via Trans-Continental Logistics (TCL), which is member of the same group.

As a family business, they guarantee fast decisions and a dedicated team that will go the extra mile for their customers. Transport Th. Wouters guarantees a reliable and efficient integratedservice.


All their trucks were already equipped with a modern tracking system, enabling their dispatchers to monitor the cargo in real time. However, Transport Wouters still saw more potential to optimize their transportation process. In order to run even more smoothly and cost-effectively they wanted to equip their fleet of 125 trailers as well.


125 Trailers

The installed tracking system uses an on-board computer system but could not detect which trailers are connected to which truck. The innovative trailer tracking system from Suivo will help to close exactly this gap. 125 Trailers will be equipped with the battery-powered asset tracker Hydrogen. This smart tracker will help to track the location of any free trailer as soon as the trailers move. Once a trailer is connected with a truck, it detects via a tiny IoT tag - which is plugged to the back of the truck – to which truck it’s connected. As soon as the trailers “detects” which truck is nearby a ‘link’ is made between trailer & truck. This linked information will be sent to the tracking platform and the trucks will be visualized as “occupied”.



This very simple process, with easy DIY-installable trackers - enables Transport Wouters to have a real-time overview on the free capacity of trailers, follow-up transport loads in real-time and run their transportation process even more smoothly and cost-effectively.

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Did you know?

Suivo is part of the 50 fastest growing tech companies in Belgium. The Technology Fast 50, a prestigious ranking by Deloitte, is based on the sales growth in terms of percentage from the last 4 years. This nomination is partially thanks to our product focus on IoT and SaaS. On the other hand our creative and involved team, together with our loyal customers have made this great achievement possible.

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