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Comparison Tool: Asset trackers

Choosing the right asset tracking solution can be a nasty piece of work. The jungle of different solutions and providers won’t make it easier. Once installed, it will help you!

Choosing the right asset tracking solution will help you to occupy your time with more valuable things than searching for assets, machines or other objects and it will allow you to analyze your operations as you will have more valuable insights.

Compare Asset Trackers to find the right fit for your organization

Why an article about “Autonomous” or battery powered trackers?

We found that there is quite some misunderstanding about battery-powered trackers.

The advantage of battery powered trackers is that there is little installation work involved and that makes them usually more economic to buy. That’s why it is even interesting to consider them when you want to track machines with engines/power source and not only non-powered assets.

Autonomous trackers can be plugged on whatever asset or object. The battery life can keep up for at least 2 years and more commonly around 5 years or more. But it’s important to take note of 2 aspects that influence this greatly: the positioning & transmission method you choose and the transmission frequency you will configure.

  • How specific does the position of the tracker need to be? How accurate will the position be transferred? Is an accuracy up to 10 meters required, or rather 300-500m or even up to a kilometer?
  • How often does the position change of the asset/object you want to track?
  • Other aspects are: what are the conditions in which the trackers need to function (industrial, weather,…), what size fits on the asset, what regions/ countries, what information besides location you need, …

Autonomous, battery powered asset tracking: what to expect?

We already wrote about the difference between active and passive tags, now it’s about comparing autonomous or battery powered asset tracking solutions in detail.

We have downsized our analysis to some providers we know. In fact,there are many others but those are the ones we took into our analysis. You are welcome to request the complete file and add providers you came across or you would like to compare. Sounds like too much of an effort? Then send us the name and we make the check-up for you and return the complete file to you, so you can start up from there! That helps us to constantly update this file and it helps you to save time not having to start from scratch a comparison.

We compared following attributes:

  • Power source: replaceable or not,
  • battery life indicated,
  • transmission frequency,
  • position technology and accuracy,
  • data transmission technologies,
  • installation,
  • configuration options,
  • possibility to monitor via mobile app,
  • certifications,
  • size,
  • cost (hardware and software),
  • industry focus,
  • … etc.  

Did you know?

Suivo is part of the 50 fastest growing tech companies in Belgium. The Technology Fast 50, a prestigious ranking by Deloitte, is based on the sales growth in terms of percentage from the last 4 years. This nomination is partially thanks to our product focus on IoT and SaaS. On the other hand our creative and involved team, together with our loyal customers have made this great achievement possible.

Let's get in touch! Request the complete file and add providers you like to compare or shoot all your questions at us.


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